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(A car drives in at around past six into sheu’s compound. The car, filled with various victuals is a deep black shining Peugeot. Aminat, a little girl of about ten years old ran out immediately she heard the sound of the car)

AMINAT: Mama, mama, uncle Shagari is here, he brings lots of fruits and foodstuffs with him. Mama, come and see.

MRS SHEU: Aminat, what is it? Why are you shrilling this much?

AMINAT: Uncle Shagari is here…
(Both mother and Daughter move closer towards Uncle Shagari)

Uncle Shagari: Good evening madam,oga Shehu asked me to carry all this load come house and come back to office now now

MRS SHEU: (After a brief smile) oh! thank you Shagari. Come, let us carry them inside
(They both carry the loads inside and Shagari left immediately. A minute later, Aminat couldn’t keep her lips from shrugging and start to interrogate her mother concerning the victuals)

AMINAT: Mama, why did father tell Uncle Shagari to bring this kind of plenty food to the house.

MRS SHEU: My dear, it is because of Ramadan, Ramadan is near, we will begin to fast very soon

AMINAT: (she nodded and still waver in order to burst out another question) Okay Mama. But Mummy, what is Ramadan? Must daddy buy food because of Ramadan? What are we going to start doing during Ramadan?

MRS SHEU: (answering her daughter as she was hovering around her head) My daughter, it’s time to observe Maghrib. I will expatiate after solat

(Aminat nodded and they both move to mosque. After dinner, Mr. Sheu has arrived from work and has finished eating. The sitting room is so silent as night and a little pin could be heard. Aminat broke the silence as usual)

AMINAT: Daddy, what is Ramadan?

(Mr. Sheu yawns immediately his daughter muted her lips, his countenance shows how depleted he is but couldn’t resist his daughter’s question because of the zeal he has for the question)

MR SHEU: My daughter, that is a very good question. Ramadan is a month of blessing, a month whereby all Muslims worldwide cannot take with levity, a month of joy and happiness. During this period, fasting would be observed by Muslims all over the world to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) according to Islamic believe. The month lasts 29-30 days based on the sighting of the crescent moon, according to numerous biographical accounts compiled in the hadiths. During this epoch, all Muslims should engage in fasting as it is pertinent for everybody except some particular types of people. People that are too old, pregnant women, those who are ill, those travelling and those that are going through menstrual bleeding. It is a month in which door of hell is being closed and door of paradise is opened, good deeds are rewarded in manifolds. People move closer to Allah and ask for forgiveness. I told Shagari to bring those victuals home because Ramadan is nearer and we need food to sustain my daughter, you must also engage in fasting because you are up to the task, it is said that a child who is above ten should be engaged in fasting. Aminat, will you.

(he moves closer to Aminat as he noticed she didn’t respond then discovered she has dozed off already. He smiled and then carried her to her room)
(Light fades)

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