SEEDS OF SILENCE – By World Barnabas

Written by Bada Yusuf Amoo

On staircase of stagnant flow Ploughed pill

cadence crumbles unnoticeably                       of fortune willhits cracked overture

sulfurous laughter tensed movesbeautiful basket frustrates our rain

days of dozens birthed famines of lovers of hope crept beggars of dew

thirsty arrows.dusky palms rent attire of consolation.

Dutiful sower                                     On virgin soil of colourful reliance

rolled haughty hills of timeless countblameless blood waterlogged fields

drank sweat of breeze in faceless cup              burnt bones eroded trail of bombing

sun rises and sets on bent backbones               bucolic scenery perished in burning

twilight of a great agility on weak string.                   speechless seed.


Eve clings                                                        distributions into a liberated images and skyscraping accomplishment.

shades of torment  with the filthy emblem of deepened root of uneven

for cook and distributors of    and weakened strength of sprouting branches

silence along longitude and latitude                                                                   stigma of rotten trees of yellow leaves

of green white green in black nation of heavy                                                                   that whittle down perforated

force that swings consciousness on photocopy ladderat innovative minds

of shaky timbers infected by representative termites of saintly look.                                                   Morning smiles


Optimistic serration

can retract missing seedlings from sun

run away sower should locate map of source

for this new seed will germinate to altitudes

medicine  joy embraced.

for poverty                             will our

will on this             and this

tree springs

About the author

Bada Yusuf Amoo

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