WHILE ON HIS WAY By Mide Benedict

From the mouth of mighty men
From the hole between the gums of little ones
From the heightened wicked actions of men
Came words that tore apart that which
Was soon to mend it all

Legs banging and bashing upon dusty grounds
Shaking the earth for the crowd was large.
And upon the shouts of cursing men
Drenching spittle from sorrowful tongues
Still to give up was not a choice
While he moved in pains to Golgotha.

Some eyes, though were red from mournful cry
For he was the man that healed their scourging souls
Some women poured their painful stream of tears
For the man that healed their worn-out hearts
Was the same man who fell thrice to the ground,
The same one with broken sides.
Such pain they could not hide,
While on his way to Golgotha

A woman came and wiped his face
And this image came upon the cloth.
A picture of the broken face
Of a man who only
Showed love to those whose souls were lost
And to every human, he paid the cost
While in pains he took the cross
To nowhere else but the place of skull
While he cried his way to Golgotha.

To save us all, he bore it all
He wept out blood, sweated the same
He took the curse, lifted cross
And took with him all heightened shame.
To save us all
He knew the cost
So in pains he continued to walk in love
To no other place but Golgotha.

About the author

Bada Yusuf Amoo