By Anna

Round, Round and Round, head goes,

Nor have I been drinking,

But, I stagger still,

Here and there, I see oppositions,

Held my head to note, what is going on.

Amazed, the dim past and future mingle,

Should I move forward or back?

I begin to discombobulate,

In this true and untrue struggle,

Feeble mind wander away.


The body ages relentlessly,

The soul does also,

Stop the motion! I cried….

In my nebulous hopes and aspirations,

Stood, dim slaps the eyes.


Make me cross the fence,

Your diagnosis I seek,

Mine seems to waver, I snored…..

My judgement, they ignored.


But the sky remains Blue,

Swiftly before my eyes,

Tumbling into a disguise, has it emerges,

So bright, I endure,

Looking onward, I reach skyward, the jar dropped.

About the author

Bada Yusuf Amoo

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