(Composed for METHOSA to commemorate her inauguration programme)

By World Barnabas

Blazing excellence we call our pride

And on its horse we’ll unanimously ride

In togetherness we can rebuild its broken wings

That is hanging in the dust of dawn of many tings

The neglected dirty cloth can be whiter than snow.

The dead lamp at the old gate has been rekindled

And this call our numerous drums must jingled

Farmers should inform the labourers in the sunset

Liberty lies in this conjugation of musing minds onset

And the west wind of change will wake the languid flag.


Sharpened chisels from appropriate quarters spring to fore

To whittle down this dried wood of thirsty throat at the shore

Light leads us to our destination; it’s time to lead the light home

And glorious honours among mortals in our appellation form

The rising and setting of our descendant will on this hope lay.


Dash your doubt on this cliff, for this basket will fetch water

Truly they are far above us; our unified strength they can’t alter

Their horizons of accomplishment metamorphosed to our starting point

For our striker of strong desire will surely activate our goals in the net

In jubilance we’ll tear and incinerate the perforated garment of servitude.


METHOSA is not the conglomeration of custodians of heightened letter

But the fusion of those whose shadows passed through this shelter

Let everyone brings their quota of paints and brush for beautification

Let everyone offers their sacrifice on this stony altar for purification

This legacy must we secure on this soil and in the soil beyond.


We can’t misunderstood our stepping for we are from the same mother

Those who plan to do otherwise must be thrown outside this golden border

For it’s high time to rent the veil of stigma covering this radiant hope

Optimism is our shield of war; trust is our helmet ofconsistency and scope

Peace is our circulated emblem; team work is our irresistible watchword.


About the author

Bada Yusuf Amoo