(Dedicated to every cause for equality)

By Nelson Vincent Ayomitunde

I am *Ijabe

He who has *owo compared to *owo

I am consecrated to cooking corners

In your fathers’ houses.


I am Igbale*

He who mops massive moist

And cast out dust and dirt

I cause cleanliness

Yet, I’m casted anywhere.


Of course you would!

Specials must make Royal’s meat

For this night,

Oba* desires Ewedu*

And I will work well.


Well, feel important!

it’s no crime to be graced

I know I’m longer than you are

And the King’s room I’m to sweep

To serve the feet and dirt of kings

Till my final sleep


Oh Yes, I’m shorter than you are

But to his mouth, my Lord the King

I serve food till my final sleep


Why then you class?

Even of our poverty as brooms?

To serve a king is ‘portunity

Let’s do well to quit and be as equals


Oh no, I know

That same day, in same sizes were we bought

Into this magnanimity

Shall we then for positions and duty

Neglect forever, who we be?



Ijabe- a special broom used to prepare Ewedu


Owo- Respect

Owo- Broom

Igbale- A household broom used for general


Oba- King

Ewedu- A yoruba draw soup

About the author

Bada Yusuf Amoo