By World Barnabas

Binoculars to the future, a mirror of the underworld

Speechless chain lying in a horrendous subway

Winkling at the passing shadows in exigency

Wafting wishes with wizened whim

Transmogrifying to hapless dunderhead itinerating

Acting as sentry rhapsodizing the old pathway

But the mission materialized to a forlorn hope as

Passer-by betrothed perambulation in innocence

Who shall disseminate this tintinabulating empathy?

Enough of lizards’ sweat and pigs’ obituary

Stains of blood as bribe to overcome your fear.

Search instead for this abandoned hoary prowess

Avatar of wisdom with unraveling paraphernalia

Demystifying quizzicality, curbing the laggard

Re-setting the anticlockwise, replacing summer with winter.


This is the perfect trail to the ancient landmark

Felicity in millet vegetation and comfort in greener pasture

No dismal compensation in thatched hut and tattered flag

The road to the future is zigzagging but this chain is vertical and horizontal.

About the author

Bada Yusuf Amoo