By World Barnabas

I’ve had experiences in my life that leave no doubt in my mind about the fact that God exists. I’m quite willing to debate people who don’t think so because I want them to explain how did our solar system get so organized and how is the universe so complex and yet well-organized that we can predict 70 years hence when a comet is coming?

                                           BEN CARSON

Firmament materialized seven comets

In the praise of the newly born king

Their activities are brighter than many sunsets

Fragrance of peace flies almost with wing

And euphoria transcends the wizened hope of Milky Way.

Radiant apparition enveloped numerous mission

And in the cloth of men it unpredictably appeared

To rebuild bridge and broken mirror of blur vision

And the unworthy gypsy would on the throne chaired

Having quota in the will of endless light.


Shackles of the old garment and wineskin are broken

Sting of master of the underworld unarguably perishes

Access to mansions is presented in Faith’s token

Humility lingers on the cross to catalyzes many riches

Precious blood buries goat to resurrects blameless sheep.



A new day has come and let darkness swallows its saliva

A new strength is outside to wake the languid dancer

A new blood is flowing on human conscience forever

A new rainbow married the sky for endless answer

A new trail has been constructed to journey destination.


These comets mustn’t be a waste on broken appendages

That are falling on the slippery path of self-righteousness

Because on the altar of oneness abounds myriad advantages

And filthy rags of mufflers of many colours amount to no holiness

But in the Old and New writings lies the pillar of Truth.

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Bada Yusuf Amoo