Please answer your name in my life

Accept my offering as a ring in the womb

Listen attentively to my crying knees

Who because of you befriend the ground

Listen to the anthem of my hands

Who because of you pitch its tent with cymbals.


Make my dream of yester years a reality

Where bone will dine with bone and flesh with flesh

Where lips will clean lips, and palm will rub palm

Where the conserved energy will be enough to dig a hole

Where heart communicate with heart in sweat

Where echoes of Eve reverberate once again.



Don’t leave me in this junction of infatuation

Hold my hands in the midst of oceans

Hold my hands under the shade of the moon

Hold my hands to where fields are green

To show you the great wonders of the world

Hold my hands to cross the boundary of forlorn hope.



Let me take you through the wings of the birds

Let me take you to the mansions I built on trees

Let me because of this day spend all my worth

Let me take you to the falconer

To learn the language of birds

Let me take you to the deep of the ocean

To learn the beauty of the mermaids

Let me take you to victorians

To learn the ministration of flowers.



Come, please come unto me

And because of the joy of today

Don’t hesitate to turn my village to city

To turn my desert to a fruitful land

To cloth my skeleton with the flesh of love

To dash my doubts on the boiling cliff.



I promise, because of the gain of today

To sleep within the lines of your weaving

To reflect my image in the mirror of your beauty

To whittle down a wood into your stature

To have our honeymoon in the softness of your palm

To walk through the gloomy road with the whiteness of your teeth.



With the gladness of heart, accept my Nigella damascena

That has successfully grown on seven mountains

Accept my Arbutus with Baby’s Breath

To make me happy once again

My Balsam is also growing rapidly in the midst of thorns

To satisfy the pleasure of my queen.



Because of the unending pain in the subtle mind

Don’t be joyous in giving me King’s Spear and Manchineel

Don’t let my fortune be like that of dark horse

Racing with great vitality in the abyss

Don’t let my portion be like that of farmer

Sowing in tears but reaping in famine.



I love you with all my heart

If only you can perceive it in my melody

I love you with all my heart

If only you can see it in my sacrifice

This last thing I ask with great desperation

Let between your loins this law of chastity be dashed.

About the author

Bada Yusuf Amoo