By Adisa Aminat Olabisi

The journey of no return

The journey to the final destination

The long journey

The journey that need not be fixed

The journey of cry today

Smile the next days

The journey that permit no farewell

It gives room for no planning

How to go, when to leave is no issue

It maybe now, it maybe later

It comes unannounced


So long ajourney

That knows no age

It recognize not wealth nor status

It is an inevitable gift for all


Mother never told me she was travelling

Please! When is father going to return?

Is it true Ade has gone?

But I saw him yesterday, hale and healthy

Such is this weird journey


The journey seems so long

Yet it is so short

The condition of this journey

Depends on your preparedness

Because it is your journey to the final abode

Don’t be perplexed if I be no more

Perhaps tomorrow or in a moment

Because it is as well journey to my final abode.


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Bada Yusuf Amoo