By Aminat Adisa Olabisi

True, the brain is the most important

But, then, our minds shape our lives.

All great men of this world

Are men of great minds

Minds which have wandered

The greatest of heights and depths

Imaginable to man.

True, some are born of great minds.

Most live a life of greatness

Nurtured by the writings of those

Great thinkers.

Who, generously, leave their thought

In print for prosterity.

Let us learn to dislodge our minds

From rigidity, free to wander

From the numerous works of

thought in print.

All around us.

Let us polish up our minds

For a change in our thinking

And behavior.

To make a great people

To build a great nation.

Let us develop a reading culture

Which will benefit mankind.

So, pick a book today and read

Help prolong the life of man

On earth.


About the author

Bada Yusuf Amoo