By Peremobowei Geoffrey Okubokekeme

Seen what wields such overwhelming powers?
Even the world succumbs to her beckons.
The earth bears few of her fans and lovers
Who hatch fair plans,others foul,
All to her love secure and preserve.

In her presence laughter grows fatter, Affording her bearer luxury and
comfort, But her absence brews want and lust.

The strong often by chance enjoy her company,
But the weak, in her dreams.
She desires her lovers’ delicate entreat,
And cleaves to a few on restrained abuse, But divorces lover where
abuse is profuse.

In her lovers’ hearts, charity atimes and pride often nest,
And where her warmth is bare, fear and hardship do rest.

Seen what wields such overwhelming powers?
She coaxes friends, she cajoles brothers,
She wheedles sisters, she blandishes families,
She soft-soaps communities
And draw them to the sword.

She ignites jealousy and hate among the estranged,
Yes, she ignites careless pain
Burning through the hearts of her simple lovers.

The world often name her evil but cannot resist her.
For by herself she never willed evil,
But like a puppet she is tossed by her bearers.

I name her innocence;
For she ignites glee and pleasure too.
I pronounce her innoncence,
And innocent she shall ever be.


About the author

Bada Yusuf Amoo