By Odebode Karimot (Lady Kay)

“Are you happy”, Lanre asked.

“What?” Shola snapped.

“I asked if you are happy in your marriage”.

He said it loudly this time around. She stared at him, looking for answers that never existed on his betrayed face. She knew she would be made to answer this question sooner or later. She had dreaded to face him not until a few minutes ago when she met him at the parking lot of the mall. She had come to get some grocery when she saw him in his tailored suits and exquisite car. Five years down the line, he still maintains his charisma and smashing look. She had melted the first five minute from his charm and unanswered questions.

“I needed to do it, Mother was sick, my sibling school’s expense was on the rise, father was out of job and you could barely feed yourself then that was the only option left.” She avoided his eyes as she said those words. She still could not believe she was sitting across the man she had loved and still love.

“But you don’t love him, you left the life we have shared and built, the kisses, dreams, the promises…” He goes on before she cuts in. She could see the sparks and desires in his eyes after all this years, he still wanted her as much as she did. She wondered if he saw her face in every lady he slept with, much as she had plastered his face on her husband’s.

She made an attempt to stand up from the seat across him, “Lanre, I need to go.” she did not bother to drink the juice he ordered. “Will you at least see me before I leave? I will be leaving the day after tomorrow. You can check me at the Hotel Continental tomorrow by 5 pm.” He handed her his platinum business card. “You can give me call when you get there.” Lanre concluded.

Lanre was her boyfriend for four years in the University. They parted immediately after graduation due to pressure from family. Shade was pressured into marriage due to financial challenges and the need to help her younger ones’ education.


She dialed the number on getting to the hotel. Lanre picked the call after second ringing. He gave her the description to his hotel room and she hurriedly move towards the described room. She could not afford to be seen, no explanation can save her. She opened the door, a new rise of feelings surged over her. Her mind wandered to the passion they shared. She saw the naked desire in his eyes as they stared at each other. The next minutes were wonders. She had not felt like this in many years but deep down she felt it was wrong.

Lanre would leave the city the following morning and she would remain the married woman with 20 carat diamond ring on her fourth finger. However, Lanre was only in town for a business deal and not for her.

“Lanre, I need to go. This is wrong, I’m a married woman”

“I’m sorry about this”. Lanre made attempt to hold her. She moved away and scampered out of the hotel, tears began to drop from her eyes.

* * *

She drove to her house with burning guilt inside her. Her husband was at home home already. He made attempt to hug her, she shifted away. She was not ready to embrace him with her filth; she needed to rid herself of every smell of Lanre.

“Baby, are you okay?” Her husband asked with concern. She felt sorry for treating him such way with all the years. He didn’t deserve it; he adored and care for her. She moved to bathroom and soaked herself in bath tub. She needed to erase her guilt now, the tears move freely but she made no attempt to stop the tears. She needed to unburden herself. She packed every single of the clothing she wore to meet Lanre and instruct the maid to burn them.

“Lanre would be out of town tomorrow and maybe finally out finally mind.” She looked at herself in the mirror; she still couldn’t bring herself to accept she cheated on your husband. It tasted more like nightmare but she held closely to her dreams. She gave herself mental tutor, “no one should be responsible for my happiness and the past should never mar my future.”

She was ready to fight her lust, ready to accept her gain. She was ready to be a good wife not the stranger that lived with her. She was longing to see her husband walk into the room and mapping out lots in her mind until she dose off.


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Bada Yusuf Amoo