Odebode Karimot (Lady_kay)


You have crossed the path

Which is forbidden for boys

You have traded my dignity for shame

What will i tell mother?

When the white clothe refuses to sing blood

What story will I tell father?

When the gourds of palm wine is half filled

And the matchbox carries half of its children

Will i tell mother the truth?

That at the river stream

My back touched the ground against my will

Will i tell father?

That you snatched my wrapper and gagged my mouth

I dare not!

My legs will quiver at the marketplace

If the world hear of my woes

They would tell their children

To beware of Awero**

Mothers would make jokes about me

Fathers will warn their son to desist from a broken calabash

But will i allow you to go scot free

After eating the forbidden fruit without my consent


I curse you by this blood


I curse you!



About the author

Bada Yusuf Amoo

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