By I.B Bright

“If you’re wasting your money, it’s your money, but you’re wasting the society’s resources. Don’t waste the resource, don’t waste the food.”

“Money is yours but resources belong to society,” Ms Pauline said.

There was a day hunger gripped my body and I was totally feeling empty and disconnected from the human world; at that moment, the street was also critical that everywhere was an arid land of no manna. So, all my senses were like a dead matter, but I could feel the painful rhythm of starvation playing in my empty stomach torturingly. In that kind of situation, it takes a moralistic person not to give in to a negative choice and commit a necessary evil being the available option.

For one reason or the other, kleptomania-like behaviour had been exhibited by some individuals whose hope of getting it right were left forlorn at the point of critical need. This sect of individuals found it compelling to perpetrate a necessary evil, so to satisfy their unstoppable desire.

Yes! Some of them were caught red handed and punished severely to deter others from such doing and to also ostracize from them negative will by the use of harsh societal-made measure.

However, a lot is still missing, because some people are always interested in the result of an action in a way that they barely consider the prime factors that made giving to negative option possible. To be candid, the same way people find it necessary to fight for freedom when hardship and oppression cannot be taken anymore, ditto, some deem it right to commit a necessary evil when they are totally pushed to the wall.

As an instance, there are countless numbers of challenges militating the destitute of which if they cannot solve them in a right way, to them,  any available option may seem to be the best way of  eradicating their problems.

To help the poor and to also reduce the rate of theft committed as a result of hunger, people like Ms Pauline of Indian, a restaurant owner, has decided to help the penurious to cushion their problem of hunger by installing a fridge that is stored with excess edibles in front of her restaurant, which is accessible to the generality of people whom are less-privileged to care for their hunger by what they earn.

To encourage others, her magnanimity should be popularly credited and the egocentric should learn from it. So if people extend kind to the needy, crime rate would reduce and life would be easy for the impecunious.

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