By I.B Bright

Locke in his philosophical exploration did not discover SUBSTANCE which is the fulcrum of his theoretical postulation but O. Busayo nourishes his piece with  poetic substances which can be summed up to be Resiliency. The title, the symbols, the allusions and many condiments sprinkled into the piece are markers of resiliency.


The tittle of the poem, (observing the functional delineation of sentences) is realized in declarative sentence. The use of the auxiliary verb ‘will’ reveals the mood of the lyrical-self. His intention, (by his use of the singular personal pronoun ‘I’ couples with the aforementioned auxiliary verb) depicts resiliency that can be likened to the notion of ‘Aluta continua…’, a continuous struggle and rise above the odds of realities.

Also, the penned imagination contains ubiquitous symbols. In this regard, the lyrical-self is like a lawyer backing his assertions with tenable evidences. This is seen in his intellectual conviction using imperative sentences to employ the readers, (third person which is implied by the absent of the overt subject) to pay attention to how events and things in the world negotiate their realities despite the dialects of constancy and inevitability of change. This is illustrated by the use of imperative sentences limpid in the below excerpts:

“Tell them my joy is renewed/ Tell them I will rise again.”

“Ask the wandering breeze/How the yellow sun fell and the dark sun appeared.”

To analyze, the yellow sun is a metaphor of   the period when the sun begins to set while the dark sun is a marker of the habitual darkness that usually manifests every day. The implication of this empirical allusion is that, it convinces one that hope, strength, victory, happiness are guaranteed after the occurrence of their diverse opposites. They then contribute to the thematic nucleus, which is severally and principally reiterated in the piece by the use of declarative sentences that are imperatively embedded, because the phenomenal poet considers it necessary and compulsory to rise again irrespective of the paradox of life.

However, I found both subtle and hard seeds in this smooth in texture pounded yam. This impels me to ask the writer of this piece what he means by this line:

“Ask the standing day how the sun turned around and rise again”

I want an explanation on the logic of the  assertion that the sun turns around while the day stands still.

About the author

Bada Yusuf Amoo

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