By Buah Dansabe Kuni


See what the high cost of grains

Has caused? Oh gash! Veins

Alone is what I see remaining like hays.

Daily at the opening and sunset of days,

The walking corpses move round with munges;

In their numbers; old and even young within the


Crying; for the tragedy of inflation,

While supply deprives deflation!

CHANGE; they sing to change for better.

WORST; chains and changes not the bitter.

SUFFERING; turns the letters on the banner,

After fruitless call for Moses’ manner.


The walking corpses in their sucked inflaming eyes,

Staggers at night to the cozy wooden bed-mat ices;

To pass the nighthawk with hunger

As it feeds them with steel hanger.

The emaciations puff the high shoulder skeleton.

The vertigos daily dance the dead-alive tone.


Giants of the black are now like the dead but living tactility!

Oh really! Unfairness has farmed our land with infertilities.

Oh heaven; Nigerians are swimming with the shark!

And the Nigeria’s song of stark

Need your shock absorber; for price is claiming

Lord over purchase.

And on our land, hunger is thronging lord of

Death chase!


About the author

Bada Yusuf Amoo