PRIME ILLUSIONBy Ogunmuyiwa Rachael

Our sweetest memory was the time

When we danced and rotunded

Nights aching beats

Bata was our fire

It burnt till our footsteps held no sand

I was Lani, you were Hun

You danced, I dined

l klutzed, you picked

I was Konga, you were AyanGalu

Our memories were the sweetest


If I choose, you are the fetcher

That draws water from my heart

So mild you be that it never runs dry

Our memories are the sweetest

Not that I remember that we are together


I do not know you

If you know me, I don’t know

Passing by the mango trees

Two tangled, one ripe; the other unripe

Together they stay, till harvester came

We were together until the ticking of clock

Stole you from the memory of my dream

About the author

Bada Yusuf Amoo