ISRAELBY Olaniyi Abdulwaheed Penmind


Not born, just walked from mother’s womb

The hunter, chasing muse in the forest of literary sanity

His poetry-the eagle’s beak

Singing change of this naked land.


ISRAEL, the bard of lyrical island

Spit on my head, piss in my belly

So tomorrow I swim in poetry’s pools

In the chamber of lit.[i]

Where I walk with confetti of joy.


Ogunyomi’s eye

Israel, the tortoise is sane

But snail is wise,

You drink wine with the gourd of sage.


And the mighty Israel

Whose strength is pebbles’ niece,

He can only grip the Everest-poem

With the bone of pen.

Your words are roaring stones

To crucify the culprits.


How long you’ve travelled?

In the trousers of earth

From the dawn to the dusk,
There are many garments for life,

Today is still in tomorrow’s pouch.


How long the journey of earth

Before crossing the bridge?
Tell me the morsels you’ve swallowed

But you know not other s remain.

About the author

Bada Yusuf Amoo