NELSONBy Vincent Nelson


A family head without an household

A ruler over no nation

A king without a Kingdom

Goals without deadlines


Ghosts with placards

Singing solidarity for souls

Jeopardized missions and

Visions in illusion

Rest on their dictates


A world filled with songs

Hearts thrilling with joy, everything aglow

And happy fishes in rivers

Are what we dream to have.

Now we sing these songs of woe

Beauty gone, good dead

The gong has gone off beats

The rivers run into the sea

Yet the sea is not full


Sitting on this keg of gun powder,

We hope to restore our defiled beauty

Raped by madmen

Who pounded her with maniac ferocity

And buried her

In cemetery of hope

From the many praises of yesterday
today hath grown
From the glories of today,
Tomorrow is birthed
We sit here to ask:

Where is Our heritage?
The mansions of regret
or the huts of happiness?
The dresses of shame
or the rags of grace?
What is Our inheritance?
The wealth that has span
or eternal joy?
The betrayal by our friends
or love from enemies?
What is our inheritance?
The man is a child
The prophets are liars
They prohecied THIS,
Now, we have THAT
Here is oddity,
Where is Our inheritance?
The play’s come to an end
And we put posterity at her wit end
Till we find our inheritance,
We would search…
© Nelson Vincent- 2015.

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Bada Yusuf Amoo