You fold your feather in patience

Like a blue moon in the light corner of the sky

And humble your head in meditation

Like a woman who lost her husband


I have seen you with sunset several times

And your friendship makes me hunt for partner

Partner that will fade with me into stiller-time

As you and sunset do into darkness



I have once drown into the bush fire of life

But I retreated back into my solitude

Like snail escaping the danger of men

Who tend to swirl its blood back and front



I fear the eye is only our limits

I have never found some one of my heart on earth

The heart has a deeper sacred hole beyond seeing

Please tell me how much you’ve seen the sunset



When you cloth your head within your sweater

You look like rat hiding from the cat

How long will you meditate the affairs of the hawk flying high heaven?

As I do on the affairs of men dancing hypocritical

If only you could tell me how reliable the sunset is

If only you could tell me how reliable the tree is

I would never doubt my habitat

And the less the affairs of men.


About the author

Bada Yusuf Amoo